Sunday, 24 March 2013

Holy Moley Second Year

I'm in second year already and over half way through. I can't quite believe it. It's been such an interesting time and I've done so much and learnt even more despite having illnesses that can't yet be identified and constant trips to the dentist.

Climbed for the first time outdoors on real rock.
Crossed freezing cold rivers.
Made cake.
Gone to cubs.
Gone camping.
Made cake.
Written assignments and passed some.
Organised events.
Completed CWA training.
And made even more cake.

Been a busy year so far but I have still managed to have time to myself and went on a lovely romantic week away with my boyfriend and I'm off to Revolution: Isle of Wight 2013 in a couple of days. So really deep down it's all pretty damn awesome my life. And I wouldn't change a thing not for anything.
 Hill days

 Ruby decided to slide down the hill.

 Made it. But the wrong top.

 On Skye
 Found the right top this time.

Orienteering at OB.

 Trip to Edinburgh.

 Even the lecturers like to get involved when we play outside.
 In Edinburgh with the boyfriend. Love him so much.

 Mmmmm cake....

 All dressed up to pick up pizza.
 Squirrel <3

 Waiting for dinner.
View at lunch from the hills
 Got a postcard from India. Miss the best friend so much.
 Went for the Santa look after burning my face making pancakes.

 Bought the boyfriend dinner.
 We're responsible will the Cubs are there.
 Made myself lemon cheesecake for my birthday.
 We did some questionable yoga.
Some of the weather we've been having whilst I've been stuck inside doing uni work.

Made a black forest gateau just cause I felt like it.

Though I must say I don't like how when uploading my photos half of them got muddled up but I can't be bothered to fix it so oh well.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Belchamps and other such adventures

Well the past few  months have been very busy. Since my last update I have been to cub camp and met Bear Grylls and also managed to earn the nickname penguin. My next adventure was to Download with my lovely boyfriend. And boy was getting there interesting. Not only was the bus late but it got lost in Perth and broke down. However it was all worth it as not only did I have an amazing time but I got to spend it with Connor before I left for Essex. We also fitted in a trip to see the torch.

That first month went pretty quickly and next thing I know is I'm off on the long journey to Essex. The journey down was just as much a fiasco as the one to Download. So I boarded my train and found my seat and waited. There was an announcement saying here was a problem with the train and they were working on it. But the brakes were broken so the train was cancelled. I had ten minutes to get across Waverly station to try and get on the next train. I made it just in time pushing myself onto the train for five hour journey on the floor moving my bags out the way at every stop. But I got there eventually even after my phone going flat.

And so began one of the best adventures of my life.

During my two months I meant the most amazing people and tried a host of new things from water zorbing to abseiling (that terrified me and still does). The work as exhausting and the heat beyond anything I was expecting (it as absolutely freezing at times as well). Never have I experienced anything like it and  doubt I ever will. I'd be back there now if I could even though I managed to land myself in hospital for something as trivial as bug bites, only me. The best thing about it was just hanging out with everyone. It was hard to stay annoyed or angry for too long in such a small space even though we had little privacy and facilities were interesting but more than adequate. The differences between everyone were vast but it was easy to get along. Leaving was such a strange experience and so much harder than I was expecting. I didn't think when starting my journey I would become so attached to Belchamps and everyone there. It was like leaving a family behind. Leaving school had been easy but  those two short months made much more of an impression on me.

The journey home was a long one and the the last hour dragged on but waiting for me was my mum. (A bit of a relief as I had so much luggage) But it was one good thing about going home. After grabbing a quick something to eat we got the bus back to my grandparents place and there at the bus stop was my dad and brother with my lovely puppy who didn't recongnise me. We had dinner and then started the drive home. I was exhausted and ready for my own bed.

On the way home my parents stopped for petrol but decided to be nice and stop in at the garage Connor works at. It was amazing to see him again even for such a short length of time. I had really missed him.

So that was my summer of adventure. Met amazing people and gained some memories for a lifetime.